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Derivatives, or conditions specifying contracts between two parties, are being used by companies across the globe to extend credit. Their popularity can be acknowledged to the attached special legal exemptions and strong creditor protection that they offer.

Knowing the importance of derivatives, we at Zodiac Solutions work closely with our clients to understand how these instruments can help their business. Through this understanding, we suggest derivative solutions and products that address our clients’ business needs and help them find a way to manage their credit and investments in a better fashion. While offering the best of our services, we ensure that with our advice for your derivative platform, you can leave your credit related worries aside and invest your time in more important business functions.

Financial objectives, if not achieved timely, may lose their meaning for a business. Being in the same shoes, we understand what risks this can bring along. We have set up a Derivatives Solution Group to assist our clients with strategic financial solutions. We employ professionals with a creative streak who can help us design and implement these solutions, which in turn helps our clients in managing their derivates effectively. We make trading and trade management easy for you through our technology intensive solutions.

The derivatives trading process can turn out to be as complicated as you make it. Managing your derivatives can be a tough task if you do not have expert help at hand. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, we can help your business go on and grow with ease. Take a look at some of the services we offer for managing derivatives for your business:

  • Valuation
  • Transaction Management
  • Pricing Support
  • Risk and Reporting
  • Operations
  • Trading and Hedging
  • Multi-asset class position hedging
  • Exchange connectivity

Reach out to us for support in Equity and Fixed Income derivatives, credit default swaps, convertibles, and bonds.

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