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Technology is the most inevitable part of our lives. Our lives revolve around technology and vice-versa. Since we have incorporated technology so closely into our lives, it becomes impossible to let it not affect the way we conduct business. The art of conducting a business over the internet is referred to as e-commerce. Not being an easy field, every business requires professionals to solve e-commerce related problems and provide relevant solutions. This is precisely what Zodiac Solutions does; we offer e-commerce solutions to a variety of clients across the globe to help make their business easier. The experts at Zodiac strive for perfection every day, just to make sure that you, as our client, get access to e-commerce systems that are intuitive and require low maintenance.

Through e-commerce, your business can reach out, not just to the local population, but also to people who stay miles away and are connected to your world only through the internet. To be able to run an e-commerce platform, your business requires nothing but expert help and professional advice. This is what we are here for. We boast of a team of seasoned professionals who strike the perfect balance between developing and maintaining e-commerce platforms for our clients. This is made possible through our vast repositories of knowledge – our IT professionals who have ample experience in how e-commerce solutions can rightly be applied for a business.

Our assortment of e-commerce services comprises of:

  • Database synchronization
  • Optimized search possibilities
  • Easy to operate shopping cards
  • Payment gateways
  • Third party identity management products integration
  • Page lay-outing

IT Solutions:

There is no dearth of e-commerce solution providers in the market, but there are enough reasons to choose us over them. After all, we have:

Expertise– A total of more than 25 years of experience has brought us to a position where we can confidently ensure success for every project that we undertake.

Global Reach – With offices in locations like India and Philadelphia, we aim at capturing the best of both worlds.

End-to-End E-Commerce Solutions – We offer clients tried and tested e-commerce solutions at the best possible prices.

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