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Without the existence of human life, businesses and medical sciences will be of no use. The healthcare sector of every country plays a major role in improving the quality of life of the people, and this is one reason why it is one of the most important sectors for a country’s growth. Researchers across the globe have been dedicatedly working towards finding better technologies to support the healthcare sector. To add to their efforts, Zodiac Solutions offers an assortment of services to support and encourage the development of medical, healthcare, and life sciences sectors.

We serve numerous clients in the healthcare sector through a variety of technology intensive solutions that make it easy for healthcare institutions to improve their services. Our services include developing and designing new applications pertaining to a particular health institute’s requirements. We know for a fact that our solutions can help our clients save someone’s life. With our solutions, hospitals and medical institutes can manage patient details and other information related to the hospital and patient history. We employ professionals with experience in developing similar solutions to be able to offer competitive services and deliver excellent results.

Having expertise in management and technology, we shape our healthcare solutions to assist our clients in growing in the industry by implementing strategic plans. Your association with us can get you access to services like:

  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Cost/revenue analysis (per patient/ per room)
  • Departmental budget analysis
  • Shortage planning/ staffing
  • Compliance reporting
  • Equipment scheduling/ testing
  • Needs analysis, benchmarking, and trending
  • Medical record keeping
  • Patient administration
  • Demand planning
  • Six Sigma Analysis

We understand that being in the medical sector is nothing less than a risk as thousands of lives depend on your business and its management. Through this understanding, we formulate solutions that can very well be deployed in your business scenario. If you are a part of a healthcare institute, reach out to us to find out how effective our healthcare solutions are for your business.

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