Health Care

The healthcare sector helps relieve the stress of health-related issues for families and improves the quality of life. That’s why it chunks a critical part in the growth of a country.

New research and technologies are evolving the health sector positively at times. To add to their efforts, Zodiac Solutions offers an array of services to support and encourage the development of the medical, healthcare, and life sciences sectors.

We serve numerous clients in the healthcare sector through diversified technology-intensive solutions. We employ professionals with experience in developing similar solutions to be able to offer competitive services and deliver excellent results.

Our Healthcare Services include:
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Cost/revenue analysis (per patient/ per room)
  • Departmental budget analysis
  • Shortage planning/ staffing
  • Compliance reporting
  • Equipment scheduling/ testing
  • Needs analysis, benchmarking, and trending
  • Medical record keeping
  • Patient administration
  • Demand planning
  • Six Sigma Analysis


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